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Clifton Paine was born in Arlington TX, moved to Waxahachie through elementary years, then to Whitney for high school years. After graduating high school he worked in finance for 3-5 yrs before he was called into the field of physical therapy. Clifton went to college in Waco Tx and worked there as a PTA for 7 years. After his time in Waco he took traveling assignments as a PTA in NM, TX hill country, Klamath falls, Grants Pass, and Roseburg OR. After traveling for to family. 

Clifton Paine is married to Ashley Paine who works as a COTA here in Paris. We have two children, Allison and Conrad Paine. 

My mother, Carla Paine, sustained an injury to her low back in early 2000 that she went to physical therapy for. I attended treatments with her and that experience motivated me to pursue a career in the physical therapy field. It was her encouragement, love, and support that paved my way. 

Clifton likes being outside in general, the activity doesn’t matter as much as just getting out there. Currently he likes riding his when he gets a chance to escape to the mountains he likes climbing and snowboarding.